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HP Printer Printing Issues | HP Printer Isn't Printing

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Top 10 HP Printing Issues

If you have no clue about 123.hp.com/setup printer problem, this section will help you gaining knowledge of common problems. Not only issues but also we explain the steps for stopping those issues. When you look into hp printer issues, the issue may be simple or complex. With the density of the issue, you should carry out the repair or troubleshooting steps.

You can fix the issue by your effort, but the issue may reappear in the future. To eradicate the issue to the fullest, you need expert help. That is the reason we are here!

HP Printing Issues

  • If you get the trouble regarding the paper jam, you should check the paper tray. If the paper tray has misaligned paper in it, take out the papers and align them according to the paper tray’s width. Never try to pull the paper from the front cover as it may damage 123.hp'setup printer. You should pull the jammed paper from the printer’s back or tray. Get rid of the loose paper that you find in the loading area.
  • The printer shows the printhead failure when you have not installed the new printhead properly. Follow the steps in order to eradicate the issue. If hp ink cartridge is not compatible or not launched in the slots, you will get this issue. So, use the genuine ink cartridge in the slot to avoid this issue. The next possible repair step is rebooting 123.hp.com printer. Pull the cartridge access door to reseat the printhead.
  • Perform the steps in this document for getting rid of the paper feed issue. There is no exact reason for the paper feed issue. So, you can try all the steps for resetting the printer. Check both the hardware and software of the printer. If the printer prints a self-test, if no problem exists. Otherwise, reconnect the printer cable to reboot the printer. Verify the condition and quality of the paper that you have loaded in the paper tray.
  • Register your specific printer with Google Cloud Print. Apply the available updates on the computer. If there is any duplicate printer is in the network, disconnect those printers. When you register your printer in the Google Cloud Print, make sure that your 123.hp.com/setup printer is on. The computer should have a recent edition of Chrome. Check if you have sent the print jobs to the Cloud-connected printer or not. Delete your Cloud-printer from the list and add it again.
  • The printer may not print the webpage if the size varies from the allowed size. The width or height of the paper used cannot fit the selected webpage. Go to the Print Preview option to view the page that you will get. If the page is wide, you need to select landscape mode. Usually, your 123 hp com setup printer will select the shrink-to-fit option when the document or photo is too large to print.
  • The elementary requirement for printing using the Android phone is it should have a supporting edition of OS. The supporting edition of OS is Android 4.4 and the latest editions. Then, make sure your hp 123 Android smartphone has the HP Print Service Plugin to assign and perform print tasks. The plugin is available in the Google Play Store. Open the HP Print Service Plugin to select the document or photo in the smartphone. If you are not able to print from this plugin, turn off or force stop other service plugins.
  • When the paper jams inside the printer, you should cancel the on-going or pending print jobs from the queue. Go to control panel of 123.hp.com'setup printer to find Devices and Printers option. Choose the printer with stuck jobs. From the window, choose the job you wish to cancel. Choose cancel document from the drop-down options. You can delete all documents if you wish. For that, open the Printers tab and choose cancel all documents option.
  • The reason for vertical and horizontal lines on the printed paper is different for each printer model. It is due to an empty toner cartridge or disturbed toner. If the ink cartridge is empty or nearly empty, you need to fix a new ink cartridge. Cleaning the printer elements can help with resolving the issue. If there is an obstruction or foreign material between the papers, it may produce vertical lines. And, contaminated rollers result in the horizontal lines in the printed pages.
  • The users may encounter this issue when they try to scan from their 123.hp.com Printer. Run a test to inspect the connection between the printer and computer. Check the USB if the network connection uses the USB cable. If the printer uses the wireless connection, verify that you have connected to the correct wireless network. The driver may also cause this scanning issue. If the driver fails to do its work, you need to download the new printer software.
  • The connection problem is the main reason for not able to recognize 123.hp.com/setup printer during the network installation. As a first move, the user should check the common connection issue possibilities such as unplugging and plugging the USB cable and launching the diagnostic tool. You can try disabling the Scan To PC Activation App feature. Uninstall hp driver software from the control panel and install the recent driver. One of the solutions for resolving the issue is power cycling the entire system.