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Privacy Policy

123hpco.com has complete ownership for the website www.123hpco.com. The site maintains confidentiality on the client’s sensitive information given at the time of payment and any communication made with them.

www.123hpco.com is preserving the user’s data and offers reliable service until they halt in our website. For creating the account at the time of support, we may need your name, email id, address, gender, and date of birth. The tools or technology we use may save information such as Internet Protocol, time, language and country.

We guarantee that the collected information will never be misused. The data provided during the creation of user account for taking remote assistance is safe with us.

The user needs to furnish the credit or debit card details or alternate payment information during the time of payment. We will have the data only until the completion of the transaction. Later, we will delete the details from the database. We are not responsible for the invasion of the external intruders who cause payment failure or misguiding the payment process. Go through the payment process at your own risk.

We will never disclose the information gathered such as system model, printer model, firewall information, system or printer age, type of internet connection, operation system used in your device, etc. We will not use any information for marketing or promotion. The information has kept between the client and the owner of www.123hpco.com.

123.hp.com privacy policy

We have rights to change the privacy policy of the website anytime based on the client’s and owner’s convenience. Cookies saved are only to give exact information for user satisfaction and not for any promotion or marketing. You can block the cookies getting saved from your hard drive. Blocking may cause some failures or discomfort.

Any non-personal information saved on the website such as Internet protocol address, browser type, request time and dare, websites that you have visited before reaching our website is used for advertising until you stay on our website. If you don’t want to save any of the information, you can move out anytime. We have a database for managing your login name, passwords, history of pages for customizing the experience and service.