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Install HP Printer driver | How to Update HP Printer Drivers?

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Install HP Printer driver and Set up the connection

When your computer has a built-in printer driver, it will do all the basic printer operations. If you look for full feature drivers, go to the official site and download the software according to the serial number of 123.hp.com/setup printer. Below are the steps for installing the driver for different platforms and connection methods.

Install the print driver with the Add a Printer wizard

Network connection for Windows 10, 8

Wireless or wired network connection (Windows 10, 8)

Add a Printer is the wizard that helps on installing the built-in driver. The Control Panel will have the Devices and Printers option where you need to add a printer to the network. In the pop-up window, check and select your 123 hp com setup printer. Walkthrough the on-screen guidelines followed by the Next option. Select the port used by the printer and click on Autodetect.

Network connection for Windows 7, Vista

Wireless or wired network connection (Windows 7, Vista)

The discussed steps will help any user to connect their printer to the computer. Move to the Control Panel on the computer to open Devices and Printers. Locate the Add a printer option, and then Add a network or wireless printer. From the window displayed, you should choose to Select 123.hp.com printer and select Next. The on-screen will help you in connecting the printer.

USB connection for Windows 10, 8

USB connection setup(Windows 10, 8)

Connect the Windows 10 or 8 computers to the network using the USB cable connection. Look for the Windows option and type Control in the search box. Select the first option displayed and open Devices and Printers. Choose Add 123.hp.com’setup printer option to add specific network connected printer. Choose the USB001 port and click on Next.

USB connection for Windows 7,Vista

USB connection setup(Windows 7,Vista)

The connected printer should utilize the USB connection method. With the USB connection, visit the Control Panel from the Windows section. Pick the intended device with the help of Devices and Printers option. After clicking, you will get Add 123.hp.com/setup Printer option to include a new printer. You need to pick the port where you want to connect your printer.

Full feature driver download

Basic driver download

HP Enterprise driver

Universal Print Driver download

How do I install the Windows in-OS and Update drivers?

When the user has a Windows computer or laptop to connect with 123.hp.com/setup products, the computer will have the basic driver on it. Windows will recognize the driver and use it while they prepare for printing tasks. Put the computer in a steady-state and get the USB connection to the computer and printer. The Operating System will recognize the hardware, and it will install hp printer driver. You can confirm the successful installation with the notification.

Install hp printer driver and Install the Windows in-OS and Update drivers

  • You can check out the USB cable which you are using for the connection. Disconnect the cable and reconnect it after cleaning edges. Plug it into a different port and check the network connection. If anything does not work, buy 123.hp.com new USB cable and use it.

  • The printer may have a connection or network issue which causes 123.hp'setup printer not to work. Get the direct connection from the router for uninterrupted network connection. Or else, restart the printer once to banish the old printer memory. Check the input tray and fill it with neat white paper.

  • Before proceeding with the installation, complete the updates on the Windows 10 computer. From the driver download page for HP Printers, enter 123.hp.com/setup printer serial number in the space. If HP Easy Start download option is available, choose it. It will download the necessary package on your computer.

  • Check the BIOS if the drive is visible it. The printer and computer may have a hardware related issue. So, try to run the self-test on the devices to make sure the devices are free from issues. Ensure that your drive name is in Device Manager.