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HP Wired Network Printer Setup |HP Wired All-in-One Printer

Connecting your wireless printer

HP Wired Printer Setup

Some printer user will always go for a wired connection because of their convenience. If you are the one to connect 123.hp.com/setup printer in the wired network, this section is for you.
HP Wired Network Setup

Note: Disconnect the wireless connection between the computer and printer devices before you proceed with the wired connection process. Telephone cable will not work for wired connection. So, don’t use the Telephone cable. Instead of it, use Ethernet cable.

Settle your printer near the router to connect easily. Get the Ethernet cable or USB cable for configuring 123 hp com setup printer device with any of your computers. Check the internet speed before connecting to the device to ensure a stable workflow. Let’s dive deep into the wired printer setup process using the below section. If you need any help regarding wired printer connection, dial our toll-free number.

  • For any network connection, you should have the Ethernet cable. Select Ethernet cable with reasonable length to connect the router, computer, and printer.
  • It is well and good if the connection is there between the router and the computer.
  • Switch on 123.hp.com printer and keep the Ethernet cable ready. Check both the ends of the Ethernet cable and insert those ends in the matching ports.
  • Once completed linking the cable, download the driver by analyzing the description given in the printer manual.
  • Install the executable file from the Download folder. Now, your hp 123 printer is ready to accept the printing or scanning tasks.

HP Wired Setup

Step 1: Prepare for the connection

Check if you have Ethernet cable which has proper ends. If you are going to use new cable, make sure the ends are free from the protective cap. Look through 123.hp.com connection setup between router and computer.

HP Wired Printer Connection

Step 2: Connect the printer to the network

Use any one of the network providers such as a router or switch to get the supply to hp 123 printer. Locate the port which is in the rear of 123.hp.com’setup printer and connect the cable.