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HP Printer Driver Issues | HP Printer Driver is Unavailable

HP Printer Driver Issues

Reinstall 123HP printer drivers

How do I reinstall HP printer drivers?

When the printer drivers go out of date, it will not let printer work. So, you need to reinstall hp 123 printer driver using the HP Easy Start. Choose the new version of 123.hp.com/setup driver when you reinstall.

get a driver for HP printer

How do I get a driver for my HP printer?

HP lends two methods for installing the driver for your printer. The first method is using a CD and the second method is HP Easy Start. Give your  printer serial number for availing the essential driver.

Update my HP Printer Driver

How do I update my HP printer driver?

The common ways to update hp printer is a manual update or automatic update. You will see a pop-up message on the notification area when there is a related update. For an instant update, you can activate the Automatic update option.

Driver is unavailable on Printer & hp printer driver issues

Driver is unavailable on Printer

The driver unavailable error message occurs when the driver has some conflict with the connected hp printer driver. Get rid of the old driver by uninstalling and re-install the printer driver from the HP Printer Software Download page.

123hp printer issue

What should I do if installing the driver did not resolve my printer issue?

If installing the driver does not solve 123.hp.com’setup printer, the problem is with the hardware or settings. Uninstall the printer driver and install the Windows update that is pending.

123HP Printer Drivers Windows 10 Issues

How can I solve the HP Printer Drivers Windows 10 Issues?

Complete entire updates on Windows 10 and move to the driver reinstallation step after removing the old drivers. Activate the Print Spooler Service to fix the issue.

Install HP printer drivers

How do I install HP printer drivers?

The built-in printer driver is available in 123.hp.com/setup printer driver support page. You need to click the download option near the HP Easy Start option. Or, insert the CD driver in the computer to transfer the driver to the computer.

fix issues with an HP printer

How can I fix issues with an HP printer?

If you want to fix the hp.com/123 printer issue automatically, you can run the HP Scan and Doctor on the computer. It will fix the connection issues, minor hardware issues.

Solutions for driver issues