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Assistance for HP Wireless Connection

HP Auto Wireless Connect

Attaching your printer to any wireless network using the HP Wireless Connect is simple. When you activate the HP Auto Wireless Connect, 123.hp.com/setup printer will do the essential steps for connecting to the wireless network.
HP Auto Wireless Connect

Note: Make sure that you are using the network over 2.4 GHz and not 5.0 GHz networks. Refer to the Routers section to know the compatible networks. HP Wireless Connect activation does not support while installing the software.

For network configuration on HP Wireless Connect, the setup environment should satisfy the below requirements. 123 hp com setup printer should adapt to the requirements for the connection method. You should deactivate the automatic connect facility for the printer avoiding the automatic connection to the public network. HP Wireless Connection will keep your printer safe and secure and prevents from unwanted virus attack. Walkthrough the below steps to connect the device to the HP Auto Wireless Connect.

  • The HP Wireless Connect does not need cables for connecting to a secured wireless network.
  • Look at the manual of the router to find the network name and password.
  • Make sure that the computer has software installed on it before connecting to 123.hp.com’setup HP Wireless Connect.
  • Choose the settings that keep the Operating System under the control of wireless adaptor.
  • The printer will stay in HP Wireless Connect mode two hours before connecting to the network.
  • If your computer uses a static IP address, change it to a different IP address.
  • Check if the computer that you connect uses Windows Vista and higher versions released after and Mac OS X 10.5 and newer versions.