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HP Envy 7155 Setup | First time Setup | Printer drivers

Download and Setup 123 HP ENVY 7155 on a PC or Mac

hp.com/123 envy 7155 driver download and install to accelerate features.

123.hp.com/envy7155 printer

HP Envy 7155 installation starts with unpacking the parcel and removing all the unwanted wrappers. Now connect one end of the power cord with the computer and the other end with 123.hp.com/envy7155 printer. Install the Ink cartridges in the slots and load the paper into the input tray for printing.

For attaining the top quality printing choose the appropriate network. It is important to have a hp 7155 driver installation of the latest version. Hunt for the printer setup page and then tap on Driver and software option, available on the webpage. Touch the Download option once the selection of hp envy 7155 driver is over.

HP Envy 7155 Aio Functions

123.hp.com/setup 7155 printers to ease print, scan, and copy in a single touch.

123.hp.com/envy7155 print setup

HP Envy 7155 Print Setup

123.hp.com/setup 7155 printer is mostly known for its top-quality printing output. It gives you a professional-quality color and resolution.

123 HP Envy 7155 Copy Setup

HP Envy 7155 Copy Setup

HP Envy 7155 copy allows you to fetch the replicate of the document for future reference.
It allows you to provide the backup of a document.

123 HP Envy 7155 Scan Setup

HP Envy 7155 Scan Setup

The scanning feature used in this process provides you to convert the hard copy into the soft copy and can also make some necessary changes and save it.

123 HP Envy 7155 Fax Setup

HP Envy 7155 Photo Setup

With this photo feature, you can use some life photos with increased versatility. It
produces authentic color photos that can be print right from your mobile device.

123.hp.com/envy7155 platform support

How to Install 123 HP ENVY 7155 ?

Install HP ENVY 7155 driver using downloaded setup file for windows.

Install the printer drivers and other software for 123.hp.com/setup 7155 printer to use it on a wireless network. If you have more than one computer on the network then in that case, install the printer software on every computer that you want to share with the printer.

HP Envy 7155 Prepare installation for Windows XP,Windows 7,Windows 8.

Know the important details about the Network name and turn hp 7155 printer, computer, and router On. Now tap the Start option and then click on All programs and select HP and then select your folder. Follow the procedure to set the printer on your wireless network.

Download and install HP Envy 7155 printer software.

The Printer should be in the On mode. Navigate to Customer support and identify your document to print, click Printer, type your printer model, and then tap on the submit option. If any modification is necessary, click on the Change. Now select the Driver to download for the entire software package.

How to install Software for an HP Envy 7155 on Mac OS X

Find the HP webpage here, and type the printer model name and click on search. The browser will now take you to the Driver download page. Select the HP Envy 7155 driver, which supports the Mac OS X version. Now you can download and install the latest version of the driver for the HP Envy 7155 printer.

Using the HP install disk

Keep the HP disk on the CD drive. And now the HP installer program will get initiated. It will navigate and take you to the list of printers. Select 123.hp.com/setup 7155 printer and click on the Continue button to proceed. Select the connection type and track the setup procedure to complete the HP Envy driver installation.

Using an automatic install

The USB port is for connecting the computer and HP Envy 7155 printer. The screen displays the list of printers, select your driver, and click on the Add button. Now, click on the install button to install the driver software. After installation, the printer driver will be seen in the installed section.

Print from your Android OS 4.4 or later device to your printer using the HP Print Service Plugin for HP Envy 7155.

Most of the driver supports Android printing which has made the printing process much easier for the users. All you need to is install the driver which is recently updated for the printing job to happen. There are steps that need to be followed for installing the driver according to your OS.

Step 1: Install the HP Print Service Plugin for HP Envy 7155

Check that your Android device is connected to the network. On Android device, install or update hp envy 7155 driver from the Google Play store. And then select your Android device to turn on the plugin you require. Switch off any other unnecessary printer service plugins if possible. Your Android device will be now ready to print with the HP Print Service Plugin.

Step 2: Print with the HP Print Service Plugin for Envy 7155

Open the document you wish to print and tap on the Print option. Select the down arrow the see the printer list and from there choose your Model number for printing work. Also, hit the down arrow for modifying any print settings and then touch the Print option available there.

HP Envy 7155 Installing a Mac Print Driver Using Apple Software Update

Installing a Mac driver utilizing an Apple application for HP print driver and software. Before installing the computer software, make sure it is compatible with your laptop or computer you want to print from. Apple Update Software will help with the installation of the best HP print driver and software.

Step 1: HP Envy 7155 Installing the driver in macOS or OS X 10.7 and later

For letting the installation process happen, tap on the Apple menu and then touch on the System Preferences. Tap on the Print & Fax option based on your Mac’s Operating System. Look for printer name and navigate to the printer selection phase. Add the printer to the list and then select the Print option according to your printer functionality.

Step 2: Installing the driver in Mac OS X 10.6 for HP Envy 7155

Crosscheck whether the drivers are available for the Mac OS X 10.6. Install the printer driver and software using Apple software update. Ensure that your 123.hp.com'setup 7155 printer supports the driver. If the print driver is present, have a connection between the devices to the local network. Click on the driver download page and track the procedure.

123.hp.com/envy7155 printer ink cartidge installation

HP ENVY 7155 Ink cartridge Installation

123.hp.com/envy7155 installation starts with turning on the printer. Load the and clean paper on the input tray. Open the Ink cartridge access door. Lift the door until, cartridge fits in the place. Remove the plastic tape from the cartridge and hold the cartridge firmly from its sides. Try inserting the ink cartridges in the appropriate slots and gently push them inside. One insertion is over, shut the access door.

HP ENVY 7155 Web Services

Firstly ensure that your 123.hp.com/envy7155 or 123.hp.com/setup 7155 printer supports the Web service by looking at the HP ePrint logo or button on the printer control. But if it does, firstly be sure that the USB cable is not in connection. If the wireless router is used, check the router brand and confirm that it supports Web service. If you are using a hp 7155 wireless routers, then have a wireless network in connection from the control panel.

If the cable is used for the connection, then connect the cable to the printer and to the router and then click on the wireless icon on the control panel. Restart the computer, router, and the printer if the error is still there. Now, try turning On the Web Service option by pressing the HP ePrint option present there.

123 HP Envy 7155 Web Services

HP Envy 7155 Printer Features

Note: 123.hp.com/envy7155 is the printer with Inkjet technology with two ink cartridge slots. It also supports automatic duplexing. It is hp 123 wireless connectivity and capable of giving mobile printing support.
Borderless printing: HP Envy 7155 is backed by the borderless printing feature. It is a technique that applies ink to the entire surface of the paper.
Warranty Features: This Envy 7155 has the warranty features of about one year. In this process, few of the limited products can be repaired for free.
Scan Type/Technology: 123.hp.com/envy7155 is also to avail of the scan feature. The scan resolution is really good at 1200 dpi. The level of grayscale is 256. It does not support the Automatic document feeder.
Mobile printing: HP Envy 7155 supports mobile printing features like HP ePrint, Apple Airprint, Mopria-certified, Wireless Direct Printing.

HP Envy 7155 e-All-in-One Printer

123.hp.com/setup 7155 from unpacking to multiple setups and settings.

Envy 7155 First Time Printer Setup

  • Unpack the printer
  • Check the contents of the box
  • Connect the power cord and adapter
  • Turn on the power and lower the paper tray
  • Load plain paper in Envy 7155
  • Install the ink cartridges
  • Install the software

123.hp.com/setup 7155 How to Print

  • HP Envy 7155 ePrint
  • Print documents
  • Print photos form Hp Envy7155
  • Print Quick Forms
  • Envy 7155 Print envelopes
  • Print with HP wireless direct
  • Print using the maximum dpi
  • Tips for print success

HP Envy 7155 Wireless Setup

  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup (Requires WPS router)
  • Traditional wireless connection.
  • USB connection (non-network connection)
  • Change USB connection to a wireless network
  • Connect wirelessly to the printer without a router
  • Tips for setting up & using a networked printer
  • Advanced printer management tools.

123 HP Envy 7155 Troubleshooting

    • If the tool is unable to find your printer, and then go to the Support page, enter the printer model.And then look for the document on installing your printer for a USB, wired or wireless connection.
    • Restart the computer and 123.hp.com/setup envy7155 printer and then confirm the network name and its connection.Now, manually connect the printer to its network.
    • Verify the obstruction between the printer and the router and then set the IP address on the printer.
    • Remove all the connection with the printer by eliminating the cables from the HP printer.Select the required printer from the list of drivers available.
    • To allot the print job in the desired way follow the below steps given.It is necessary to create some free space in the memory by discarding all the old files.
    • Rectify the changes and include some modification in the settings.Now, select the printer from the current list for reconnection.
    • Firstly check the Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth are enabled on your Apple device.Ensure that the printer supports AirPrint and check whether it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
    • Try switching off the Wi-Fi connection and switch on again.Install the latest version of software on your device and also in the printer.Try to Restart your hp 7155 printer and the router and bring them closer to each for better accessibility.
    • Printer claim code is used for Adding your computer to an HP connected account and access additional access service provided.
    • Print a web service information page to find your printer claim code.Type the printer’s IP Address on the web browser.From the printer website, search for web service menu and Print info page or print information sheet.
    • Find the printer Code on the page that prints.Now, Add your 123.hp.com/7155 printer to HP connected using the printer Claim code.
    • Ensure your printer is now ready to print with proper connection, paper and good ink cartridges.Resetting the printer clears all faults by removing HP print jobs.
    • Select the Apple menu, and tap on System & preference.Right click on the printer windows and tap on the Reset printing system.
    • Enter the Administrator name and password in the prompt box and click OK for completing the reset button.
    • Download and install HP Print and Scan Doctor to automatically resolve any issue.If the issue is still there, open Control panel and under programs or program and feature options.
    • Click Uninstall a program to open the list of the installed program.Click on 123 hp setup 7155 printer name to remove the software.
    • During the reinstallation, select HP Smart or the full software option for your printer to experience the maximum benefits.
    • From the home screen, tap the wireless option and touch the Setup option.Touch the Restore Network details and click Yes to confirm.
    • Once the default network settings are restored, tap the back arrow.And touch Wireless Settings and click on Wireless setup wizard.
    • If your hp envy 7155 wireless network is present, enter the name and password.Once the connection is established, blue color turn into the solid color.