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HP ENVY6255 All-in-One Printer series Full Feature Software and Driver

123.hp.com/setup 6255 driver download and install to accelerate features.

123.hp.com/envy6255 Printer

Printer Setup: Hold the hp envy 6255 printers by its sides and place it on the plain surface. The rear end of the cable must be having a connection with the 123.hp.com/envy6255 printer and the other end must be in connection with the electric socket. The ink cartridge should be installed in their appropriate cartridge slots. Put enough sheets on the input tray and the paper must be in portrait alignment by facing them downwards.

Mobile Printing Applications: HP Envy 6255 also supports mobile printing technology. This mobile printing software may differ from person to person. hp envy 6255 driver consists of the collection of software Such as Apple AirPrint, HP ePrint, Mopria Print, Wireless direct printing. There are certain instructions that need to be followed for the printing hp envy 6255 driver to work.

HP Envy 6255 Aio Functions

123.hp.com/setup 6255 printers to ease print, scan and copy in a single touch.

123.hp.com/envy5000 Print setup

HP Envy 6255 Print Setup

Printing job has become much easier than ever before. It is generally known to give satisfying quality output.

123 HP Envy 5000 Copy setup

HP Envy 6255 Copy Setup

Copy setup is possible anytime you want. The copy feature is to save the document for later use with high-resolution than ever before.

123 HP Envy 5000 Scan setup

HP Envy 6255 Scan Setup

The scanning process can be done by easy setup. You can convert the hard copy with the softcopy of the document which can be used for preserving for later use.

123 HP Envy 6255 Photo Setup

HP Envy 6255 Photo Setup

By using this photo feature, you can experience high-quality photo with vibrant colors. Which can be print even with your mobile device.

123.hp.com/envy5000 printer platform support

How to Install 123 HP ENVY 6255?

Install HP ENVY 6255 driver using downloaded setup file for windows.

Start by, Simply turning on the printer for installing hp envy 6255 driver. This installation is done by connecting your USB to the computer and driver. Choose the file location and select the start option and add the printer by pressing the Add printer option.

HP Envy 6255 Prepare installation for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.

To start the process, you need to keep your computer, printer and, router ready for the system. Choose the start option and select the All program option and tap HP. Then choose your folder and hit on the printer option. Select the printer setup and software selection and press the Convert the USB to wireless option.

Download and install HP Envy 6255 printer software.

Initially, turn the printer on. And navigate to the software and driver downloads options. From the let’s identify your product page, you need to select hp 6255 printer option. Hit on the printer model and press the submit option to confirm it. Select the change option and choose the version for modification in the OS. Under the driver option, choose the download button to change the complete software.

How to install Software for an HP Envy 6255 on Mac OS X

From the browser tab, type the printer model on the HP webpage and click on the search option. And it will take you to the Driver download page. Select your driver from the list of drivers which is compatible with your Mac OS X version. From which you can download and install the latest version of the driver.

Using HP Envy 6255 install disk

Start the process by keeping the HP disk on the CD drive. Then just double tap on the HP installer program. Keep taping the continue button, and then choose 123.hp.com/envy6255 printer from the list of printers available here. Select the HP Envy 6255 printer and then tap on the Continue button to proceed. Select the connection type and then hit the continue option and come to the end page that is Wizard page.

Using an automatic install in HP Envy 6255

The connection should be established between the computer and HP Envy 6255 printer with the help of USB cable. Select your hp envy 6255 driver from the list of printers and press the Add option. Simply hit the install option for installing the driver software to Add the printer. Once the installation is over, the printer driver will be present in the installed section.

Print from your Android OS 4.4 or later device to your printer using the HP Print Service Plugin for HP Envy 6255.

The print job has become stress-free with HP Print service plugin. This can be done by just one step process of installing the driver of the latest version which will allow you to print with effortless and trouble-free process. This can be done by the HP network connection or Wi-Fi direct printer, Android smartphones and the tablet.

Step 1: Install the HP Print Service Plugin for HP Envy 6255

Be sure that your Android device has a connection with the same network as the printer is with. From the Google Play store, Install or update the driver on your an Android smartphone device. Now, you have to select your Android device to turn on the plugin you require. Your Android device will be ready for the printing job with the HP Print Service Plugin.

Step 2: Print with the HP Print Service Plugin for Envy 6255

Click and Open the folder you want to print, and then tap on the Print option. The down arrow is to see 123.hp.com/setup 6255 printer list and from there you can choose your Model number to execute the printing job. You can choose the down arrow to modify any print and from there select the desired Print choice present there.

HP Envy 6255 Installing a Mac Print Driver Using Apple Software Update

With the help of Apple software, you can install the HP print driver and software available for your Mac. The printer should be ready and must be in connection with the same computer using which you want to print or scan. This connection is possible either using the USB cable or the Wi-Fi network.

Step 1: HP Envy 6255 installing the driver in Mac OS or OS X 10.7 and later

To begin with, the installation process, press the Apple menu from the list of options available, and from there tap on the system preference. Choose the Print & Fax option based on your Mac’s operating system. Look for the desired printer name and then navigate to the printer selection. Then you can add the printer to the list and tap on the Print option.

Step 2: Installing the driver in Mac OS X 10.6 for HP Envy 6255

Primarily, know whether the drivers are accessible for the Mac OS X 10.6. Installing the printer driver and software is done only using Apple software update. And ensure that your 123.hp.com setup 6255 printers should definitely support the driver. If the print driver is already available there, then, in that case, have a connection with the network between the printer driver and the devices. Follow the procedure and look for the driver download page.

123 hp envy 6255 driver install

HP ENVY 6255 Driver Installation

123.hp.com/setup 6255 for Windows & Mac

The driver installation is the first basic step for the printing work to get over. This should be done from time to time. To experience all the latest features of the 123.hp.com/envy6255 printer driver. HP Envy 6255 printer can be compatible with both Windows as well as with the Mac. To attain premium-quality printing select the appropriate network. Download the HP Easy start from the support page, for the installation of the driver. Once extraction is over, follow the instruction given on the page. Both windows and mac necessarily need the installation of the driver for uncomplicated printing.

HP ENVY 6255 Wireless Setup

To setup HP envy 6255 printers with wireless setup, it is important to know the basic information about 123.hp.com/setup 6255 printer. Ensure that your printer, router, and the 123.hp.com/envy6255 printer is ready for the print job. Tap the wireless option. On the Setup icon, click the Wireless setup wizard. Click your network name and press OK. If the printer name is not available then manually type a new network name and tap the OK option. Navigate to the setup page and select your model number and tap on the Begin and tap the download option. Double-tap on the driver file with HP Easy Start in its name. Track the below instructions given to complete the driver installation.

123 HP Envy 5055 Wireless Setup

HP Envy 6255 Printer Features

What’s included and accessories: HP ENVY Photo 6255 consists of HP 64 Setup Black and Tri-color Instant Ink Ready Cartridges, Ink Caution, and Instant Ink Flyer, Power Cord, Setup card, Getting started guide, Media Pack.
Mobile printing services: HP Envy 6255 model supports mobile printing.123 hp com envy 6255 driver consists of the collection of software such as HP ePrint; Apple AirPrint; Mopria-certified; Wireless Direct Printing etc.
A number of print cartridges: This model has two slots for ink cartridges. One is black and the other is Tri-color.
Wireless capability: Yes, it does support wireless capability. It consists of built-in dual-band Wi-Fi.
Print Technology: This Envy 6255 model supports HP thermal Inkjet printing technology.
Power consumption: This uses HP Auto-Off technology for the power supply in the hp envy 6255 printers.

HP Envy 6255 - Key Features

123.hp.com/setup 6255 printers must be carried on with great care.

Automatic Two-Sided Printing

  • Reveal hp 6255 printer
  • Crosscheck the accessories
  • Use the power cord for connection
  • Switch 123.hp.com/envy6255 printer On
  • Load the paper in the tray
  • Ink cartridge installation
  • Install hp envy 6255 driver

Envy 6255 Photo Printing

  • hp.com/123 Handy printers
  • hp Wireless connectivity
  • Multiple printing technologies
  • Less time consuming
  • Efficient paper management
  • Affordable hp 6255 printers
  • Supports wide range paper size

Compatible with a Mac

  • Mac OS X (v10.6.x), Mac OS X (v10.5.x)
  • Mac OS X (v10.8.x), Macintosh OS X (v10.7.x)
  • Apple Mac OS X (v10.9.x)
  • Mac OS X (v10.12.x), Mac OS X (v10.11.x)
  • Mac OS X (v10.11.x), Macintosh OS X (v10.13.x)

123 HP Envy 6255 Troubleshooting

  • Yes, it supports Google cloud printing, Printing can be done from your Chrome book, Chrome device or any Chrome browser via HP 123.hp.com/envy6255 printers which is in connection with the same network. It is not necessary to have Google Cloud Print- enabled. The Google cloud account is in-built enabled. HP Print for chrome must be compatible with each other.

  • Yes Firstly, power on the printer. Do not connect the USB cable until asked to. Search for hp envy 6255 driver installation on your computer. Open that file to start the extraction of the installer and do the necessary changes and click Continue or Run. You can customize your software installation before installing. On the connection screen, tap the wireless option and it checks for the configuration. When asked to connect the USB cable.
  • No, we need not feed individually in the paper tray. On the bypass tray load the paper and paper type. Place the paper with facing side facing down. Change the paper type and settings. For the postcard, you can place up to 50 cards in the tray. Glide the additional Guide to fit the size of the paper. For loading transparencies, you can load up to 20 sheets. Modify the paper type setting as per the requirement.
  • Yes, it supports USB printer setup. Eliminate the printer UBS cable from the computer. Don’t link till advised while the driver fixing. Surf Windows for the driver installation on the computer. Click on it, to start the extraction of the installer and do the required modification and tap on hp 6255 continue or Run option. You can customize the software installation prior to installing. In the connection page, select the wireless option. Connect it with the USB cable when asked to.
  • To check the ink cartridge, start by tapping the Start menu and search for Device and printers. Make sure your 123.hp.com/setup 6255 printer is in connection with the computer you want. Tap on the printer to know the ink level. Take a look at the ink and toner levels in the status area at the bottom of the Device and printer option.
  • Make your printer ready by turning on the printer and by holding the paper and ink cartridge. Now try to Reset the printer, by clicking the Apple menu and select the System preference. Click the Print& Fax option and click anywhere in 123 hp com envy 6255 Printer window and tap on the Reset printing system. Enter the required details and tap the Ok button to complete the Reset.
  • Search and tap the Wireless option, from the Control panel. Hit the Setup option and click the Restore network Defaults and press Yes for confirmation. Once the default settings are restored, tap the Wireless settings and Select the Wireless Setup Wizard. Select the name of your hp envy 6255 wireless networks. If the wireless network is not available, then type the new network name. Enter the required details for the network connection to establish.