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Download and Setup 123 HP ENVY 5052 on a PC or Mac

HP Envy 5052 driver download and install to accelerate features.

hp envy 5052 setup

The user should add the HP Envy 5052 printer to the network for combining the features of the 123.hp.com/envy5052 printer to the computer, laptop, or smartphone. You should move to the network setup after proceeding with the initial setup. The computer needs the support of the driver to carry out printing tasks.

Most printers can automatically detect the network and connect to it. If automatic configuration is not possible, you need to connect with manual steps.After performing installation steps, download the suitable hp printer driver from the driver webpage. Giving your 123.hp.com/setup 5052 Printer model number in the search box will fetch you the correct driver for download.

HP Envy 5052 Aio Functions

123.hp.com’setup 50520 printer to ease print, scan and copy in a single touch.

123.hp.com/envy5000 Print setup

HP Envy 5052 Print Setup

Whether it is for personal use or office work, you can select HP Envy 5052 for printing purpose. This printer connects to Windows or Mac computer using the installed driver.

123 HP Envy 5052 Copy setup

HP Envy 5052 Copy Setup

Copier device embedded on 123.hp.com/setup 5052 printer helps to take the number of copies you want with the resolution that you expect. It can take copies of documents and other graphic images.

123 HP Envy 5052 Scan setup

HP Envy 5052 Scan Setup

Scanner inscribed on the printer is the fastest way to scan and share the documents to the user you want. Scanning from the Android and iOS device does not need the help of special software.

123.hp.com/envy5000 printer platform support

How to Install 123 HP ENVY 5052 ?

Install HP ENVY 5052 driver using the downloaded setup file for windows.

Make sure that the HP Envy 5052 printer in the active state while you install the extraction file for Windows. Obtain the full speed bandwidth network supply with the Universal Serial Bus cable. Put it in the right path while you search for the location of the setup file. Adding 123 hp com envy5052 printer is the last step to complete everything.

HP Envy 5052 Prepare installation for Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8

Your network will have a unique name and password when you want to communicate with other devices. Obtain those details before downloading the printer driver. Tap the Wireless icon from the printer control panel, and proceed with the installation procedure. After initiation, it will ask for the password. Enter it and proceed.

Download and install HP Envy 5052 printer software

If available, avail the CD with your HP Printer package. If not, you can use Easy Start via the driver support page. Easy Start is the one-stop solution for finding the right software. You will have two options including a basic and full-feature driver. The user needs to select the basic driver as the software package.

How to install Software for the HP Envy 5052 on Mac OS X

The user should get the compatible software for 123.hp.com/envy5052 by searching the printer model on the website. It is well and good if you have the installation CD. If not, reach the support site to use the Easy Start app.

Using HP Envy 5052 install disk

You may think that downloading from the support site is simple when compared to the conventional CD method. But, you should know that CD installation is easy for hp envy 5052 Driver installation. Once you have installed the CD on the drive, you will get a Finder Window pop-up on the screen. The HP Installer Program will start to run on the computer for installing driver.

Using an automatic install in HP Envy 5052

Automatic installation for the HP Envy printer is simple when you are using hp envy 500 USB connection. You will achieve the screen showing the printer list for your reference. Pick one printer from the list that shows your printer name. After selecting, you will get the Add option screen and accept the terms and conditions.

Print from your Android OS 4.4 or later device to your printer using the HP Print Service Plugin for HP Envy 5052.

The HP Printer users who want to connect their Android phones can use the HP Print Service Plugin. HP Print Service Plugin supports the printer functions of HP Envy 5052. Steps for installing the HP Print Service Plugin for 123.hp.com/setup 5052 are below. The supported Android formats are Android OS 4.4 and later versions.

Step 1: Install the HP Print Service Plugin for HP Envy 5052

Before installing the HP Print Service Plugin, ensure the version of the Operating System of the Android device. Steps are different for both Android 7 and recent devices and Android 6 and old devices. Using Google Store is the only way to install the HP Print Service Plugin. Turn off the background running plugins.

Step 2: Print with the HP Print Service Plugin for Envy 5052

With the above-discussed steps, your Android device is ready to print the documents, emails, and webpages. The printer driver will do the basic functions on 123.hp.com setup a 5052 printers. It will aid to print using the HP Print Service Plugin. While using the HP Print Service Plugin, the printer should have connected to the active network supply.

HP Envy 5052 Installing a Mac Print Driver Using Apple Software Update

When connecting the HP Envy 5052 printer to the Mac device, you can use the Apple Software Update. Turn on the printer and get the connection using a USB or local,Wi-Fi or wired network. The printer should get the service of the hp envy 5052 driver and access the files through the driver.

Step 1: HP Envy 5052 Installing the driver in Mac OS or OS X 10.7 and later

Install the printer driver from the support site by knowing the printer device model. On the computer, select the System Preferences from the options in the Apple icon. Select the Print or Scan option according to the need of the moment. Select the printer model connected to the network to begin the intended task.

Step 2: Installing the driver in Mac OS X 10.6 for HP Envy 5052

Make sure that your Mac computer is having the OS X 10.6 to connect with hp Envy 5052 printer. Check the Wi-Fi option that is visible on the printer to press it. Once you have pressed the button on the printer, move to the computer. In the computer, touch the wireless icon and connect it to the HP Printer.

123.hp.com/envy5000 Ink cartridge Installation

HP ENVY 5052 Ink cartridge Installation

Installing the ink cartridge is the third step when you buy a printer from the HP vendor. Without shaking hp ink cartridges, remove them properly. If you shake the ink cartridge, the ink may leak out. To avoid such inconvenience causing, follow the below instructions.

  • Prepare your HP Envy 5052 printer by switching on. Open the flap of the cartridge area to unveil.
  • Place the cartridges by sliding it to the printing area. Do not push or pull the print head.
  • It will move accordingly when the lid is open. Check the numbering and labeling to put it the correct slot by referring to the color code.
  • If you have the old cartridges inside the carriage area, remove it using the instructions discussed in 123.hp.com/envy5052 printer user guide.

HP ENVY 5052 Web Services

Switching on the Web Services

  • The Web Service is the requirement for all mobile printing services. Connect the printer to the Ethernet connection or wireless connection for the users.
  • Turn on 123.hp.com/envy5052 printer after getting the network configuration.
  • To switch on the Web Services, you need to get the HP ePrint icon on the product panel.From there, navigate to the Wireless Settings to achieve the Web Services option.
  • The connection status displays when hp Web Services is on. If not, you will get the screen to turn on the Web Services on the display.
  • When you select the options one-by-one, you will get the redirection to the next steps.

123.hp.com/envy5000 Web Services

123.hp.com/envy5052 Printer Features

Borderless printing: It will give elegance to the printouts and copies that you take from 123 hp com envy 5052 printers.
Mobile printing services: The mobile printing services are for printing from smartphones and tablets with the Operating System Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows 8, and Windows RT.
A number of print cartridges: HP gives you one black and one tri-color ink cartridges for the printing purpose.
The display features: The Display of the HP Envy 5052 features the icons for Copy, Scan, Setup, Help, Wi-Fi Direct, and more.
Print technology: The print technology used in hp.com/123 envy 5052 printer is inkjet technology with high-capacity.

HP Envy 5052 Mobile Printing Applications

123 HP Envy 5052 printer from unpacking to multiple setups and settings.

123 HP Envy 5052 Eprint setup


123 HP Envy 5052 Airprint setup


123 HP Envy 5052 Cloudprint


123 HP Envy 5052 Mopriaprint


123 HP Envy 5052 Troubleshooting

    • To take printouts using the Android or iOS device, you can use several ways.For Android devices, you can use the Google Cloud Print or HP ePrint.
    • For Apple devices, you can use AirPrint or Google Cloud Print. It depends on the available software on the computer.When you print from Android, download the HP Print Plugin from the Play Store.
    • HP Print Plugin will work only when the devices have connected to the same local network.Another way for printing from an Android device is Google Cloud Print.
    • For printing from Apple devices, you can avail the service of Apple AirPrint option which is available on the Mac computer.123.hp.com/envy5052 printer software available on the Mac device is enough for the AirPrint service.Navigate to the file and click on the Print to begin the printing from AirPrint.
    • You have a wide range of options for scanning from the Android or iOS device.From the App Store, get the HP smart app to scan the documents and photos.
    • HP app supports the Android device that has operating system Lollipop and newer version.If it is an iOS device, the supported OS is iOS 11 and newer.
    • After downloading the HP app from the Store, you need to setup the app on the Android by giving basic details.
    • For registering, you need the network connection, and 123 hp com setup 5052 printer and the device should share the same network connection.As an initial step, you need to open the app and include your printer.Select the Scan option with the app open. You will get the output with the expected quality.
    • The common method for wireless connection is the Wireless Setup Wizard.When the Wireless Setup Wizard did not work, check the wireless connection from the router.After restarting the printer and router once, connect the network to those same devices.
    • Start from the first step by finding the Setup icon. With the displayed option, find hp envy 500 Wireless Setup Wizard and press it.
    • It will ask for selecting Network name and enter the correct password.It is well and good if your network name is on a list. If not, manually enter the name and move down until you find your network name.After finding, press it and enter the case-sensitive password.
    • The easy fixing of the printer hardware problem is running some diagnostic test on the printer.If it is resolvable, the diagnostic test will fix the issue. Check if there is any visible damage on the printer.
    • If you find such damages, isolate the part for service. If there is no damage, check the settings change that you have made recently.
    • Self-test is the possible option to isolate the hardware and software failure of 123.hp/setup 5052 printer.Check the printer for any blinking lights. Usually, the printer will light will glow when there is a problem with the printer.
    • Disconnect the printer from all the external connection, and set it back.If all the above steps did not solve the issue, you need to service your HP Printer.
    • Obtaining the right equipment is the first step in establishing a wireless connection.
    • The right equipment is Broadband internet connection, modem or wireless adapter or Wireless router.
    • If you want to use any one of the above network providers, the steps explained will help you.Select any Mac or Windows computer. To check the compatible Operating System, you can refer to the Printer user guide.
    • Use a dynamic IP address while connecting to the wireless network.The main purpose of connecting the printer to the network is to download and install the software.After installing the printer driver, select the connection type when needed.
    • When the paper stuck while you print or scan the documents, you need to watch the paper path patiently to find the root cause.
    • Don’t try to cancel or delete the stuck jobs. You cannot cancel the jammed jobs at any time.
    • To diagnose the problem at the early stage, run the scan using HP Smart app.In the home screen of the app, you will have the steps for a diagnostic test.Reset the printer by removing the job files manually.
    • Removing the Web Service is as simple as turning on it. Before disabling the Web Services, you should know certain facts.
    • Turning off the Web Service will desist from using 123.hp.com/envy5052 HP ePrint, HP Instant Ink, Print Anywhere, and HP Printer Apps.
    • Hope you can find the HP ePrint icon on the Envy product panel.Reach the Turn Off option using the Web Services Setup.Press it, and the on-screen instruction will tell you what to do next.