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HP USB setup of Wireless

Changing from a USB to a Wireless Connection

If you change your mind to connect hp 123  printer from the USB connection to the wireless connection, this section will help you with that. For finding the requirements to change the connection, see 123.hp.com/setup printer’s document.

Note: In case, if you get the network connection issue while changing the connection type, regulate the speed of the network by running the speed test. If the printer does not accept the default network name and password, change the name and password and try to connect.

For Windows

  • For any connection you made between 123 hp com setup printer and the computer, you should get the HP Printer software.
  • HP printer software is the common software for Windows computer that is useful for configuring the printer settings, checking ink levels in the printer.
  • It also allows users to order printing supplies, service 123.hp printer and fix some printer issues.
  • Keep your printer ready by downloading the HP printer software.

USB to a Wireless Connection for windows

For Mac

  • For changing from USB to the wireless connection, detach the USB cable from the printer’s rear.
  • Roll back the settings to the network defaults to move forward.
  • After reaching the printer software download page, use the HP Easy Start to download the recent edition of hp printer driver.
  • The HP Easy Start opens and downloads the printer driver. Connect to your computer using the on-screen instructions.
  • Always, choose the functioning wireless 802.11 networks, and it should have a wireless router or access point.
  • Select the router that runs on Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).
  • When you are ready to connect 123.hp.com/setup printer to a wireless network, run a speed test to verify the signal strength.
  • The computer should have the updated OS version without any left updates. The left updates may resist establishing the connection between the devices.